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Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

Information and Insight received is always for the Greatest Good for All and The Highest Intentions of All

Medium Readings-

A Mediumship Reading is for connecting with your Loved Ones to come through in a loving caring session for deeper peace, forgiveness, answers, connection, guidance and healing.

Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Phone, or In-Person in Glenboro

Individual Readings-

30mins $125  SPECIAL $95.00  

60mins $225 

Animal Medium Reading 30mins $75.00 

Private Group Rates- 

2 People 

30mins $165

60mins $255

3 People

30mins $195

60mins $285

4 People

60mins $315

90mins $395

*For more than 4 people, please message me. Thank you

  Akashic Reading-

Akashic Records are a heart's tool to connect with deeper healing, alternative perspectives and spiritual guidance to guide you with understanding specific current challenges in Body, Mind and Spirit. These readings access your Book of Life for aligned guidance. Akashic Records also store information to your Past Lives Readings.  In-Person, FaceTime, Google Meet, Phone, Zoom, Email


Intuitive/Spiritual Reading

Intuitive/Spiritual Readings connect with Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Healers and other Loving High Vibrational Beings. Creating healing, peace, closure, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance and other positive aspects.

In-Person, Email, FaceTime, Google Meet, Phone, Zoom


Past Life Readings-

30mins $95 

60mins $175 SPECIAL $150

90mins $225

2hours $275

Oracle Card Readings-30 mins $65

60mins $125

Zoom, Email or In-Person. Card Layout options available or focused on your subject.

Oracle Card Insight Reading for the Month-

A mini personalized Oracle Card Reading focusing on your month's upcoming energies to highlight, support and guide you to creating a more positive heart based month! These Readings will be emailed.

$20 plus tax ($21)

E-Transfer or PayPal $21 to Spirithandshealing@yahoo.ca 

or purchase online


Soul Blueprint Readings-

Soul Blueprint Readings are unique and specialized  readings to help you further piece together your 'Puzzle of Self' within the mental, physical and emotional layers throughout your life. The insight is encourages you to embrace your prechosen shadows, gifts and natural essence. Blueprints create a deeper inner strength, faith, healing and trust in Self. 

Soul BluePrint readings are life changing for those that are ready to delve deeper into your Soul's Truths. 

In-Person, FaceTime, Zoom

2hours $330   

3hours $450 

4hours $575  


Holistic Massages-

Rejuvenating holistic intuitive body massage to unwind and treat Self to a spa-like treatment. A cushioned heated massage table, dimly lit Northern Lights Massage room, calming music, aromatherapy, rhythmic massage movements all to blissfully guide you into a deep state of restorative peacefulness. 

Non Claimable for Insurance Purposes. Aromatherapy or non scented massage available.

Restorative Spa-Like Relaxation Massage

60mins  $65      

90mins  $95    

2hours  $125

Self Care Escape   90mins   $95.00 

60min Restorative Massage and 30min Reiki 

2hour Spa Holistic Massage Special $145   SPECIAL $105

Heated Salt Foot Bliss, Soothing Tea, Spa-like Massage, Head and Foot Massage, Aromatherapy, Soulitude and more

Soul Spa Bliss   2hours $165

A 60min Restorative Massage, 30min Reiki & 30min Sound Healing

Soothe The Soul   Special 2hours $185 (Reg $210)   

A 30min Reading, 60min Massage & 30min Reiki 

Hot Stone Massage

An amazing gift to Self to deeply relax, unwind and relieve tension with the heated stones that create an allover soothing warmth, reduces stress, encourages detoxifying, promotes better sleep and comfort.

60mins $80   

90mins $110  

RainDrop Massage 90mins $110   

RainDrop Massage is a unique detoxing style of massage with the blending of Essential Oils applied to the feet and spine and Tibetan Reflexology for your feet to help reset the Body, Mind and Spirit. Ending this massage with a customized back massage and heated damp towel to further unwind.

Energy Healing

Reiki (Heart Centered Healing)

Reiki (Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing energy technique that intuitively encourages and activates the client's own body's innate healing abilities. This healing energy gently flows and creates the deeper state of peace, harmony, joy, calmness, restoration, healing and pain relief. Reiki may also promote sleep, relieve the sensation of stress, anxiety or depression throughout the Body, Mind and Spirit.

*Reiki is beneficial for palliative clients, pre-surgery, post-surgery, pregnancy, post partum, migraines, emotional overload, exhaustion, recovery, end of work week treat, and for simply Just Because days! Reiki may also be done Remotely (Long Distant) where the client is relaxing at their home during the session time. These sessions may be done for clients anywhere in the world.

*Drum Healing Reiki and Sound Healing are also available for Reiki In-Person, please ask for more information if interested

Reiki In-Person or Remote

30mins $50     

60mins $75  SPECIAL $55

Intuitive Healing

An intuitively guided healing session that may include a blending of holistic modalities. In-Person or Remote Sessions.

30mins $55

60mins $85

90min Reiki & Healing Hypnotherapy Intro Special

Introducing a new service-Healing Hypnotherapy!

This special is a blend of a mini Healing Hypnotherapy session that ends with more healing through a Reiki session. This session can be done In-Person or Online through Zoom or Facetime.

Special $95 Reg $125 

Animal Reiki30mins $50 

60mins $75

An Animal Reiki -Remote session benefits on many levels including pain management, aligning energies, releasing trapped emotions, increasing healing abilities, removing any influencing blocks, lessening stress and communicating to find out their needs.  This session can be done to animals anywhere in the world. A report will be sent after with the overview of the session. For In-Person Sessions locally, please contact me.

Animal Reiki Course

Want to learn how to do a Reiki session on your own animals, offer it to others, volunteer healing at rescue/shelter or add Animal Reiki  to your Healing Services? Please contact me for my next Online or In-Person Course. This one day course is anyone who would love to help comfort and ease the lives of animals and their owners.

Heated Therapy Braces and Joint Pain Relief Therapy Coats for Dogs 

These targeted Heating Therapy Braces for dogs are an affordable tool to bring increased comfort from chronic pain, recovery from injury or surgery, muscle spasms, reduce stiffness, increase blood flow, give more relief from hip dysplasia/arthritis/ACL tears, gifts more mobility and encourages healing.

Here is my link to PETIETEC and their Heated Therapy System for dogs


*Receive 10% off from my Petietec page with my coupon code   spirith10

Conduit Soul Coaching

"Raising the Phoenix Within"

Discovering Your Pathways to Rising Above.

*Payment Plans available for 1 on 1 Coaching*

In-Person, FaceTime or Zoom Coaching

-Unlocking Personal Happiness Life Coaching Special $775

7 Weeks of Personal Happiness Life Coaching.

Personalized Coaching Goals to encourage more joy, happiness, and peace naturally into your everyday life.


7 x60min Weekly 1-1 Online Coaching Sessions, and Weekly Workbook 

-Grief Coaching 1-1   Special $420

6 Weeks of embracing forward movement through your grieving,

whether from loss of a loved one, a career, a relationship or simply life.

Grief Coaching is supportive of open conversation, goal setting,

creating inner tools to support self, mindfulness to best support your journey

and deeper understanding.

Sessions may be booked weekly, biweekly or monthly.

 $495  6x30min Coaching Sessions (Online or in-Person)

-Soul Coaching

Personal 1-1 Soul Coaching or 1-1 Mentoring available.

Ready to rise up through your own personal transformation? 

Looking forward to igniting your Inner Light? Open minded to personally

make changes that better align with your highest good?

     6-30min sessions $495     10-30mins $750

     6-60min sessions $990 

10-60min sessions $1500

"Breakthrough Session" 90min $275 Special $200

Ready to Rise Up? Move forward? Create a Breakthrough? 

A great tool to work through any blocks to naturally become more

successful, peaceful or happier while staying committed to 

your new pathway or goals. This is a personalized session to work through

any possible beliefs, doubts, or hesitations that may be hindering

your own potential, healing, success, growth, grief or forgiving.

"Embracing Abundance" 90min $275  Special $200

Ready to embrace more physical, mental, emotional, health,

energetic and financial abundance? Let's explore the obstacles and 

beliefs to increase your overall wellbeing and abundance! 

*Great for Personal Business Potential as well.

Conduit -a messenger for connecting people, insight, harmony and alignment.

Spiritual  Soul Coaching -Reflecting, Reviewing, Resetting, Accepting, Embracing. 

Heart Based Encouragement to Rise Up in Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart and  Soul. 

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

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Holistic Massages

Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

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Circles & Events

Healing Group Zoom Circles

Thursdays 7:00-8:30PM CST July 25 

Special $20/per circle plus GST ($21.60) Reg $30

Limit of 10 participants. Anyone may join!


Tuesday Soul Coaching Zoom Classes

Sacred Soul Series

Weekly Themes to reconnect, explore and heal.

Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 CST  July 9, 16, 23, 30.

Special $25/class plus GST ($26.25) Reg $35


Soulitude Day Retreats

Come relax and tune into Self, life and healing.

Nature, Sound Healing, Self Exploration, Insight, Guidance, Creativity, Group Healing

(Weather Permitting- Horse Meditation and Healing Circle!)

Saturday ______ 10:00-2:00PM Glenboro

Limit of 6 people per Retreat

$125 plus GST ($131.25)


NEW in 2024!

Creative Healing Classes

Grief Circles

Reiki Share Circles

Intuition Classes

Soul Medicine Circle

Horse Meditations & Healing with Horses

Journaling with Horses 

Message me to Register or for more information