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Laura Haslen

Spirit Hands Healing

Medium Readings-

During a Mediumship Reading, we spend time connecting with your Loved Ones. These readings welcome Spirit to come through in a loving caring state for deeper peace, forgiveness, answers, connection, guidance and healing.

Zoom, FaceTime, Phone, or In-Person

Individual Readings-30mins $125   

60mins $225  

Private Group Rates 

2 People 

30mins $165

60mins $255

3 People

30mins $195

60mins $285

4 People

60mins $315

90mins $395


Akashic Reading-

Akashic Records are all about the complete energetic recordings of your Soul's Journey since its inception. (also referred to as The Book Of Life)

Deeper perceptions, insights, and guidance to guide you with specific current challenges in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Information and Wisdom received is for the Greater Good for All and The Highest Intentions of All.

In-Person, FaceTime, Phone, Zoom, Email

Individual Readings-

30mins $95

60mins $175

90mins $225

Intuitive Readings-

Intuitive/Spiritual Readings are an amazing way to connect with Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Healers and other Loving High Vibrational Beings. Insights are meant for healing, peace, closure, perspective, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance and other positive purposes. All readings are for The Greater Good for All and the Highest Intentions. 

In-Person, Email, FaceTime, Phone, Zoom

Individual Readings

30mins $95

60mins $175

90mins $225

Soul Blueprint Readings-

Soul Blueprint Readings are unique to you and very in-depth. These customized readings help you piece together your Puzzle of Self within the mental, physical and emotional layers throughout your life. The insight is to encourage you to embrace your chosen triggers, shadows, gifts and essence. In turn, this supportive reading creates deeper strength, faith, healing and trust in Self. 

Soul BluePrint readings are life changing for those that are ready to delve deeper into your Soul's Truths. 

In-Person, FaceTime, Zoom

2hours $330  

3hours $450

4hours $575   


Holistic Massages

Restorative Spa-Like Massage-

A very relaxing rejuvenating massage to unwind and treat Self to a spa-like treatment. A cushioned heated massage table, dimly lit room, calming music, aromatherapy, rhythmic massage movements to lull you into a deep state of restorative peacefulness.

60mins  $65   90mins  $95  2hours  $125 

oR one of the following Specials

*60min Massage and 30min Reiki $110

*Soul Spa 2hours $165 (60min Massage, 30min Reiki & 30min Head and Foot Massage

*Soothe The Soul 2hours $195 (30min Reading, 60min Massage &30min Reiki or Head and Foot)

*90min Forest Bath Massage $110

*90min Italian Escape Massage $110

*90min Hawaiian Holiday Massage $110 

Come escape into the sounds and smells of these custom massages with added relaxation to heighten your escape.

Hot Stone Massage-

An amazing gift to Self to deeply relax, de-stress and relieve tension with the overall benefits through this Hot Stone Massage. This massage is a blend of the Restorative Massage with the addition of the Hot Stones. The heated stones create an all over soothing warmth and comfort.

60mins  $80  

90mins $110 

RainDrop Massage-

RainDrop Massage is a unique style of massage with the blending of massage, oils and Tibetan Reflexology. Essential Oils are applied to the feet and spine to help reset the Body, Mind and Spirit. Ending this massage with a customized  back massage and heated damp towel to further unwind.

90mins  $110

Holistic Energy Healing 

Usui Reiki-

Reiki (Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing energy that is lovingly welcomed into the practitioner heart and hands. This healing energy encourages the client's own body's healing abilities. This healing energy gently flows and creates the deeper state of peace, harmony, joy, calmness, restoration, healing and pain relief. Reiki may promote sleep, relieve the sensation of stress, anxiety or depression throughout the Body, Mind and Spirit. During a Reiki session, you lay on a cushioned massage table, clothing on, warm blankets, a dimly lit room, and soothing music. Tranquility surrounding you.

Reiki works with the whole body. The Healing Energy of Reiki is great for palliative clients, pre-surgery, post-surgery, pregnancy, post partum, migraines, emotional overload, emotional exhaustion, mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, recovery, end of work week treat, and for simply Just Because days!


Celtic Healing Reiki-

Healing Energy through connecting with Tree, Plant and Earth energy to help you feel healthier, grounded and balanced. 

Celestial Reiki-

Healing Energy Session connecting with Sun, Moon, Planets, the 12 Houses and Astrology Energies to align, balance and harmonize you and your Higher Self.

Chakra Balancing and Healing-

Chakras are moving balls of energies within our bodies that influence our health, emotions, thoughts, energy levels, and many more aspects. If any of the chakras are blocked, low functioning, too high functioning, flowing in reverse or closed, then our body, mind and heart are affected in many possible ways. A chakra balancing restores balance overall which in turn, encourages well being and a healthier state in Body, Mind and Spirit.

*Reiki or Chakra Sessions may also be done Remotely (Long Distant) where the client is relaxing at their home during the session time. I energetically work from my workspace as if the client is in person. These sessions may be done for clients anywhere in the world and are very effective as well.

30mins $50  In-Person 

30mins $40 Remote Session 

60mins  $75 In-Person   $65 Special in May

60mins $65 Remote Session

*90mins Reiki and Energy Boost Session

$110 In-Person Only*

The Conduit Life Coach

"Raising the Phoenix Within"

Discovering Your Pathways to Rising Above.

*Payment Plans available for 1 on 1 Coaching*

-Unlocking Personal Happiness-

Life Coaching

7 Weeks of Personal Inner Happiness Holistic Coaching.

Weekly calls, goals, emails, support and more!

Personalized Coaching Goals to encourage more joy,

happiness, and peace naturally into your everyday life.

Two Options

May Special $650 $725    7-60min Weekly Emails,

Workbook & 1-1 Coaching Sessions

 $49 Self Guided  7-Weekly Emails

to go at your own pace. 

-Spiritual Weight Loss Coaching-

8 Weeks of personalized one on one coaching to guide

you into a healthier state of Body, Mind and Soul.

We will be exploring the mental blocks, emotional detours, physical habits, belief systems while strengthening reconnection with heart and mind.

You will be creating and practicing weekly goals to

increase for your overall well being.

$825  8-60min Weekly Emails, Workbook

and 1-1 Coaching Sessions

$49  Self Guided 8-Weekly Emails

to go ´╗┐at your own pace.

-Personal Phoenix Life Coaching-

Personal 1-1 Coaching/Mentoring available

to guide you through your own personal transformation. 

Holistic Life Coaching, Breakthroughs, Intuitive Mentoring, Mindfulness or Meditation Learning, Mediumship

or Expansion/Connection within Self

30min session $90    

6-30min sessions $450     

10-30mins $600

60min session $175      

6-60min sessions $625 

10-60min sessions $955

10-90mins sessions $1950 May Special $1800

-Phoenix Rise Up Session-

Ready to Rise Up? Move forward? Create a Breakthrough?

This is a personalized session to work through any possible beliefs, doubts, or hesitations that may be hindering your own potential, healing, expansion, growth, grief or forgiving.

90min session $275

"Clearing The Way"  $275  May Special $245

A great way to work through blocks to naturally become

more successful for staying committed to your goals.

"Embracing Abundance"  $275  May Special $245

Ready to embrace more physical, mental, emotional, energetic and financial abundance? Let's explore the obstacles and beliefs

to increase overall well being and abundance!

Phoenix Spirit Energy

Breath. Hope. Faith.

Birth. Death. ReBirth.

Conduit-a person or messenger that acts as a channel

to convey or help create a way of connecting places, 

people, ideas, insight, harmony

Holistic Life Coaching-Reflecting, Reviewing, Resetting, Rejuvenating.

Accepting. Embracing. Expanding. Uplifting.

Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, Soul. Natural. Flow. Freedom. 

Heart Based Encouragement

In our times of loss, doubt and chaos, a Phoenix brings us

hope of our own strength, transformation, courage and renewal.

It is from our ashes of our past that we rise up

in faith to become who we are meant to be.

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